Virtual CSS Magic

Sometimes it takes a small village to make a large impact!

The COVID-19 pandemic has required everyone to practice social distancing, which can be difficult for everyone. It’s times like these when it’s crucial to think outside the box to create opportunities for connections. Thanks to our network of providers, NCC staff and the support of family members, we have successfully created opportunities to connect Warriors with continued services even in this time of a community health crisis.

Jeremy is currently in a long-term care residential facility which has been closed to visitors for about a month. He has been home without contact with anyone during this time. His mother obtained a tablet with a big enough screen to help him see his therapist and CSS, as he is visually impaired. His music therapist persevered and located a point of contact at the residence (which was tough, as our previous contact left right as the pandemic began!), and was able to facilitate the initiation of virtual services.  As a result, the CSS will now be contacting this individual to coordinate sessions to promote physical health and wellness. He is now able to communicate with his mother virtually. The employees at the residential home were so impressed by the positive impact of this virtual program that they have shared the idea with other facilities in the area!

Jeremy shown receiving his first virtual music therapy session