Impact on Individuals

Impact on Individuals with a Brain Injury


Sustaining a brain injury is a life-altering event that can change an individual’s entire world in an instant. In addition to facing the initial physical, emotional, and spiritual trauma of the injury, one must embark on the unfamiliar road to a new reality. Those with brain injuries may also experience personality and emotional changes, cognitive and communication challenges, as well as physical issues. These changes may result in stressed relationships at home and challenges in the community.

Physical injuries to the brain can occur with or without outward physical signs. The brain can be injured with or without a fracture of the skull and without loss of consciousness. Some injuries to the brain are not from a trauma such as a car crash or a fall, but from medical issues such as a stroke or a brain tumor. In all cases, depending on the particular nature of the injury, one can experience a wide range of physical, cognitive and psychological effects.

A few of the obvious physical complications that may result are difficulty walking, problems controlling limbs, and swallowing issues. Cognitive effects may include concentration problems, memory loss, word-finding issues, lack of judgment, and many others. Psychologically, individuals may experience difficulties controlling emotions, handling frustration and changes in personality.

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Recovery after a brain injury is complex, but with self-determination and the proper supports, one can work toward developing their future and finding a purpose.

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