Welcome Letter

Dear Friends,


Welcome to the online home of Neuro Community Care LLC. Thank you for visiting us.

I started Neuro Community Care (NCC) in 2011 to provide support for clients and families who often feel overwhelmed when dealing with the complicated issues associated with brain injury on their own. NCC recognizes the complex, lifelong needs of persons with brain injury and their families and the challenges they face.

Over the years I have seen a pattern develop—once discharged from structured programs, individuals find it difficult to generalize the skills and strategies they learned to “real life.” As a result, they struggle with day-to-day functioning, which often leads to repeated cycles of crisis that require expensive interventions. Based upon my experience, home-based and community-based support services provide a cost-effective method to maintain a client’s skills, increase their likelihood of success, and offer them improved quality of life. Why, you ask? Because the most effective environment for skill development is in a person’s own home and community. Community-based interventions decrease the incidence of inpatient stays and readmissions to costly programs. This approach has proven to be considerably more cost-effective, and the positive gains to an individual’s self-esteem, personal relationships, and overall functioning are invaluable.
“Despite good intent, cracks inevitably appear in the best-laid plans outlined to survivors for their return home. Survivors often experience overwhelming discouragement and families can feel powerless, isolated and frustrated.”
NCC is uniquely equipped to assist individuals with home and community-based brain injury support services, as this is our focus. Our talented staff includes professionals from a variety of related fields who are able to provide unique perspectives in client care. They include Occupational Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Licensed Psychological Associates, Employment Specialists, Life Care Planners, Rehabilitation Counselors, Recreation Therapists, Certified Case Managers, Social Workers, Registered Nurses, and Certified Brain Injury Specialists. Our diverse group brings years of training and knowledge about brain injury, and a true passion for working with these individuals and their families throughout the continuum of care. NCC is focused on providing high-quality services that increase independence and the likelihood of success.
“I’m convinced, the best environment for providing effective, post-injury support is in the survivor’s home and community. With proper support, customized skill development plans based on the individual’s own goals and interests, sustain the ongoing recovery process and likelihood of success.”
NCC’s team takes a holistic approach and develops plans tailored to each client’s unique and specific needs. Services are designed to improve quality of life and increase independence by providing access to resources and establishing social connections. It is NCC’s belief that with this type of support, individuals with brain injury and their families are empowered and better equipped to deal with day-to-day challenges.

Please be assured, you are not alone. We at NCC are here to serve you. Please browse our website to learn more about who we are and the high-quality services we offer. Thank you for considering us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Helaine M. Bilos
President and Founder


Neuro Community Care LLC