Workers’ Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Our Approach

Neuro Community Care works in conjunction with the carrier to produce lasting success for the injured worker.  The goal is to create long-term cost savings for the carrier through implementing a plan for lasting successNCC partners with the carrier and their catastrophic case manager, when available, to create a plan that will enhance independence through community reintegration and social supports. 


Initial Referral

Communicating an aligned plan begins at first contact.  Referrals are made to the provider services team and an initial plan is developed to ensure collaborative goals. Once needs are determined a plan for the initial on-site (or virtual) assessment is made. 

Assessment Process

Held regularly in person or by teleconference. The Case Manager will determine the needs of the client and set a plan for ongoing services.  The assessment can vary in length depending on location of the injured worker as well as the severity of injury. Once the assessment is complete, the recommendations are communicated to the carrier via a written report as well as verbally.  Projected length of services will be determined at this time. 

Ongoing Communication and Reporting

The Case Manager provides standard reports upon assessment and ongoing to aid the carrier in coordination of benefits.  The Case Manager will monitor ongoing support services put in place for the injured worker within their community.  The Case Manager will communicate advancement towards goals as well as identified barriers to the carrier via written report. 

Discharge Process

Each injured worker’s discharge process is based on the progression towards their goals.  The Community Support Specialist and Case Manager will communicate directly with the carrier to determine satisfaction of goals in an effort to plan for lasting success.  Each injured worker’s length of service can vary based on the severity of injury.  Once a discharge date is agreed upon, the team will provide a discharge report to include long-term individualized goals for the worker to continue post-discharge. 

Dedicated Staff

Business Development

Responsible for managing customer relationships, expectations, service delivery and payor experience satisfaction. 

Provider Relations

Provider Relations expert is sensitive to the unique needs of workers' compensation carriers. Experienced individuals provide enhanced communication in an effort to ensure aligned goals between NCC, carrier, and client. 

Clinical Management

The Case Manager oversees the goals and plan for each injured worker together with the catastrophic case manager and client support specialist.