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Neuro Community Care achieves

another 3 year CARF accreditation!!

Congratulations to Our Provider Spotlight Recipients: Marian Fink and Kayce Kellman!

Lasting success for clients with TBI.

Giving every individual the best chance to achieve the independence they deserve.

We help people with TBI achieve true well-being at home and in their communities.

100% of NCC’s clinical staff are Certified Brain Injury Specialists.

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Brain Injury Care has a Gap

Too often, injured individuals are left to fend for themselves when medical care or rehabilitation ends.  They go back to their homes and communities without the support they need to successfully implement newly-learned skills, set personal goals, and truly build a meaningful future.  This can lead to depression, continued cycles of crisis, and readmissions to costly rehabilitative programs.

Neuro Community Care has the Solution

Neuro Community Care (NCC) is an independent provider of community based neuro-cognitive therapeutic services for persons with brain injury and other neurological conditions.  Highly experienced staff and providers develop individualized plans designed to meet each client's unique needs and help them transition successfully into the next phase of their lives.  This vital but often overlooked link in the brain injury continuum of care aims to give the worker, caregivers, and family members support to generalize functional skills and strategies.  NCC helps clients reclaim their lives and define personal success, which leads to:






How it Works

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1. Submit a Referral

Use our form or call (919) 210-5142 to submit a referral for your client.

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2. In-person Assessment

NCC Care Manager will conduct an in-person assessment and submit a recommended services plan.

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3. Start Service

Start on agreed upon services and monitor outcomes.

Our Community Case Managers and Community Support Specialists Provide the Following Services

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Define  individualized  quality-of-life goals, long and short term

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Develop and modify compensation strategies designed to make daily life easier


Create  opportunities for the client  to  practice  and perfect  life skills


 “NCC has made a huge impact in my life. They’ve helped me get back into the community and made me realize I still have a life.”

Jeremy M.

NCC Client

 “Andy’s Community Support Specialist is beyond wonderful. She’s a breath of fresh air and has expanded Andy's universe to include a variety of community and outdoor experiences."

Jerry C.