Operation Cherrybend: Bill Elliot’s Story

The number one superpower often sought after by children is the power to fly. That power to soar above the clouds and free fall towards the earth becomes a little less desired when we reach adulthood. Well for most people anyway, but not for people like Bill.

Bill served in the Army National Guard for a combined 13 years. During that time he served as a parachuter from 1994-1999. While some may have feared this assignment, Bill embraced it and served his country admirably. While serving in Iraq in 2004, Bill was injured, creating a lifelong struggle with a neurological disorder. This disorder affects his breathing, causing him to need oxygen simply to fill his lungs. The same lungs that were once filled with the fresh air at an altitude of 13,000 feet. Bill utilizes a wheelchair, making everyday tasks that much more difficult to complete. These limitations may weigh the most refined soldier down, but Bill had a request to feel the air at 13,000 feet once again.

Bill began working with Neuro Community Care in 2015 and has been an incredible warrior to support. So when Bill wanted to skydive once again, NCC knew that’s exactly what he would do.

Neurological disorders can often leave individuals with feelings of hopelessness and anxiety. That’s where NCC can assist. Our Community Case Managers and Community Support Specialists provide support and encouragement for a brighter future. These skilled certified brain injury specialists are trained to support individuals at all levels of functioning and strive to give back the independence that was once lost. Bill’s story is so similar to the hundreds of clients that have been served. Buddha once said ” If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” Neuro Community Care can help relieve some of those weights so you can soar once again. Reach out to our admissions team today!