Warrior finds healing through art

After suffering a spinal cord injury from 11 gunshot wounds during a carjacking, Navy veteran LaQuan Taylor found it difficult to find activities that inspired him.

But soon after joining Wounded Warrior Project’s Independence Program, an NCC Care Manager helped LaQuan get the help he needed. He started working with a MnemeTherapist® through the Art Without Boundaries Association. According to the association, MnemeTherapy® “uses everyday pleasures such as singing, movement, painting and story telling in a unique combination to stimulate dramatic changes in the brain.”

When the opportunity to learn how to paint was presented, LaQuan was skeptical and even a bit intimidated. Before his injury, he had no interest in painting. But with a little bit of instruction and encouragement, LaQuan’s hesitation turned to excitement. He found himself looking forward to every art session with his therapist. Today, painting is one of his favorite activities!

This beautiful piece – called “Chasing Waterfalls” – is more than just a pretty picture. It represents significant steps on LaQuan’s road to healing.

“This is my favorite. It means a lot to me,” he said.

It means a lot to us, too, LaQuan!