The Ocean is Full of Untamed Magic

Life resembles the ocean in a multitude of ways. That constant push and pull of the tide, is very similar to the many challenges we face on a daily basis and although at times the ocean can be calm, there are also times of turbulence to endure.  This perpetual variation appeals to our sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty of the water.

Miguel is no stranger to that admiration of the ocean.  From a young age, Miguel’s love of the water was very apparent in all that he accomplished.  Growing up in Puerto Rico, he was surrounded by the beauty of the ocean and believed in the healing power of the tides.

Miguel joined the Army in March of 2001 in an effort to protect the country that he loved so much.  Shortly after becoming active, Miguel was deployed to Afghanistan and after serving for 20 months as an E-3, Miguel sustained a gunshot wound to the head during a friendly fire incident.  Miguel obtained a Traumatic Brain injury as a result of this gunshot wound.  After receiving care from various medical facilities, he eventually settled into a VA Community Living Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Although Miguel’s life was dramatically changed that day in 2002, one thing that never changed was his love for the water.  Thanks to his wonderfully energetic mother, his supportive brother, various medical professionals and the supports provided through NCC, Miguel has been able to find a new passion for the water.  He enjoys going to the beach for strolls to experience the stimulation available at the beach like the sounds of the crashing waves, the smell of the saltwater and the feel of the sand.  He has been able to participate in outings to the beach in his adaptive floating wheelchair.  The pictures that accompany this story show the immeasurable support that Miguel has in encouraging his love for the water.  His smile speaks a thousand words.

Finding your own passion whether that be love for the water like Miguel, or whatever encourages your spirit, can provide countless opportunities for joy.  Take the time to find what speaks to you and allow NCC to support your efforts to explore those exceptional moments of joy.

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