NCC Displays Warrior’s Masks for the Unmasking Brain Injury Project at Warrior Art Show

The Wounded Warrior Project sponsored art show in Tampa, Florida was a huge success, highlighting the work of Wounded Warriors from the central Florida area as well as other areas around the country that benefit from art therapy.

Neuro Community Care presented its first Unmasking Brain Injury Project display at the art show as well. The display was well received and connected people in attendance to the incredible stories of what these masks represent – the new normal of survivors of brain injury. Awareness of this silent epidemic among our military veterans and active duty service men and women is the purpose of this project, and impactful displays like this help others understand the changes that these Warriors experience after injury and the amplified needs that come with it.

Follow along with us as we highlight a Warrior’s mask each week and share the incredible stories that go along with them.