Meet Freddy: Also known as ‘Dixie’s Hero’

When Freddy joined the Army in 2004, he never imagined how much it would change his life.  Freddy initially served in the mechanical field at Fort Hood in Texas, but after serving two tours in Iraq (2005-2006 and 2008-2009), he was transferred to Fort Carson in Colorado.  In July of 2010, he was deployed to Afghanistan. Just two months into his deployment, he sustained a life-changing injury – a traumatic brain injury with additional compound fractures as the result of a suicide bombing.  Only Freddy and one other soldier survived this tragic event.  Although this was a difficult time for Freddy, he fought to remain positive and is known to say, “Whenever anything is hard, I remember the saying: I can do all things through Christ”. 


Freddy’s story is one of determination to regain independence through accepting every challenge he meets.  His resilience is quite incredible.  Freddy is competitive and has not let his injury take this away from him.  He competes in Boccia Ball, table tennis and golf tournaments, cycles with Operation Comfort and loves volleyball. Freddy has also taken up art, music and equine therapy. The riding/grooming lessons he has participated in have also led to volunteer opportunities at the stables.  This passion for animals can also be seen through his desire to grow his own farm.  While he currently has chickens and his dog Dixie, he has high hopes to expand to a larger and more diverse farm.

Freddy’s supportive family and Community Support Specialist have fostered his drive for independence.  Those that meet him describe him as him as “outgoing, optimistic and passionate about life”. He leads a very active lifestyle and is quite the entertainer.  His humor and talents are enjoyed by all those that meet him.  Whether he is singing his original song “Dixie Queen”, sharing his love for animals or excelling in an adaptive sports tournament, Freddy is truly one of Neuro Community Care’s heroes.