Fayetteville Warrior gets a new set of wheels

Friday, wounded warrior William Stewart received a new souped-up wheelchair. It has tracked wheels, and can plow through soft soil, and sand.

Willie, as he is known to friends and family, has come a long way. In July 2012, he and three members of his unit were wounded during a mortar attack in Afghanistan. Stewart was blinded and severely injured. He spent months in rehab.

In March 2013, Willie came home to a hero’s welcome, and a new handicapped accessible home.

Now, thanks to a local business, and a wounded warrior support group, he can get back to his first love — surf fishing at the beach.

“Just imagine a moment him sitting at the beach with a rod and a fish,” said Stewart’s stepdad, James Wilburn. “For that instant, he has traveled back to a time when he was not injured, and that’s what he is all about.”

Besides tracked wheels, the wheelchair is also outfitted with a special holder for a fishing rod, an umbrella and a tackle box.

“We love and appreciate him, and we are thankful for what he and his fellow service members have done,” said John Davidson, the vice president of CARCO Group.

Willie said it’s a dream come true, and he can’t wait to try it out.

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