Shawn Chase

Shawn Chase

Case Manager


“We have the unique privilege at Neuro Community Care of helping individuals to not only reconnect to personal potential and talent from their past, but more importantly to tap into new opportunities that truly reflect their spirit, personality, and passion for life.”

Shawn has worked with individuals with disabilities ranging from brain injury to autism and other developmental disabilities since 2002. Before joining the Neuro Community Care team in 2013, he served as the state training coordinator for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina where he conducted training seminars, facilitated brain injury support groups, and provided resource assistance for survivors, their families, and professionals throughout the state.

Shawn graduated from North Carolina State University with a BA in Psychology in 1999. He toured as a full-time mandolinist for more than 3 years and continues to play regionally with two groups.

Credentials: BA, CBIST