Rom Alphin

Rom Alphin

Case Manager


“Bridges… They allow us access beyond difficult or otherwise impassable obstacles. Imagine our travels without them. The destination on the road to recovery is reestablishing a thriving and meaningful life experience and it too has challenging obstacles. What a privilege to be part of this bridge of unique and diverse professionals leading our clients and families to that place.”

Rom received his Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy from UNC Wilmington and later his Masters in Leisure Studies and Recreation Administration with a focus in clinical services from the University of North Carolina. He has over 20 years of experience in the service areas of Mental Health, and for the past six years, in Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation.  As a recreation professional, there are many interests but topping the list are golf, softball, senior baseball, and travel with his family.

Credentials: MS, LRT/C, CBIS