Helaine Bilos

Helaine Bilos



“I have always wanted to advocate for others, especially those with brain injury challenges. As the study and treatment for TBI continues to develop, I want to be a voice that can bring improvement to the field. I want to ensure that survivors are valued and recognized, not forgotten or swept aside.”

Founder of Neuro Community Care, Helaine has provided care and support for more than 28 years for those who have sustained neurological injuries. Her passion for helping persons with physical and cognitive disabilities began at age 15 as a volunteer at the Massachusetts Hospital School in Canton, MA. Soon after graduation from Green Mountain College in 1984, Helaine quickly realized that people with traumatic brain injury were an underserved population worthy of improved resources, creative care, and tenacious advocacy. Since that time, she has invested her life in advocating and caring for clients and their families and helping to move this field of specialized care forward.

In addition, Helaine and her team provide services for veterans with traumatic brain injury in partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project. Neuro Community Care also provides support to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the State of North Carolina, key insurance companies, and attorneys. Her lifetime of expertise in brain injury care enables her to provide cost-effective, home-based and community-based support to survivors and their families.

In 2012, Helaine was appointed by the Governor to the North Carolina Brain Injury Advisory Council. The Council assesses the needs of those with brain injury, identifies service models, and coordinates injury prevention efforts. Helaine enjoys antiques, cooking, reading, and spending time with her husband and their daughter.