Staff Directory

Executive Staff

Helaine Bilos


“I have always wanted to advocate for others, especially those with brain injury challenges. As the study and treatment for TBI continues to develop, I want to be a voice that can bring improvement to the field. I want to ensure that survivors are valued and recognized, not forgotten or swept aside.”

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John Bilos

COO/System Administrator

“Although I don’t provide direct client care, it feels good knowing my work behind the scenes contributes to the team’s effectiveness and client’s well being.”

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Laurie Champagne

Vice President of Case Management

“It is incredibly rewarding to work with such a diverse and talented team here at NCC. I am honored to be part of the amazing work we do with individuals with brain injuries, many of whom are veterans. As a nurse and veteran myself, It is fulfilling to give back to our service men, women, and their families and assist with instilling hope for their future.”

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Leslie Johnson

Director of Admissions & Services

“I enjoy helping people identify ways to improve their quality of life and feel more independent by getting involved in their community.”

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Janice White

Director of Business Development & Marketing

“I’m thrilled to work with such caring people who always put individuals with brain injury and their families first. Our dedicated group strives to improve their experience, each and every day.”

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Clinical Team Members

Jenny Abramson

Case Manager/Service Coordinator

“As case managers we have an opportunity to look beyond the injury and medical needs as we collaborate in developing goals that benefit the whole person.”

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Denise Alba

Case Manager

“My goal is to make a positive contribution to each client and family that I encounter. The smallest changes have the potential to provide enormous relief and enhance their quality of life.”

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Rom Alphin

Case Manager

“Bridges… They allow us access beyond difficult or otherwise impassable obstacles. Imagine our travels without them. The destination on the road to recovery is reestablishing a thriving and meaningful life experience and it too has challenging obstacles. What a privilege to be part of this bridge of unique and diverse professionals leading our clients and families to that place.”

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Sheri Bartel

Case Manager

“I am excited to work with Neuro Community Care, and I feel honored to work with individuals in recovery from traumatic injuries. I’m inspired to help ease transitions and increase expectations and fulfillment.”

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Randi Barwick

Case Manager

“A brain injury is devastating and life changing. Survivors of TBI and their families work exceptionally hard to recover as they adjust to the unexpected changes in their lives. Hearing their stories is an honor. Helping them to create new goals, develop a plan, and witness the discovery of new strengths and abilities is inspiring.”

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Shawn Chase

Case Manager

“We have the unique privilege at Neuro Community Care of helping individuals to not only reconnect to personal potential and talent from their past, but more importantly to tap into new opportunities that truly reflect their spirit, personality, and passion for life.”

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Shani Cohen

Case Manager

“Returning home after completing inpatient neurorehabilitation is an exciting yet challenging time for clients and their families. It is wonderful to be part of the NCC team to support clients in their homes as they reintegrate into their communities.”

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Sean Dowdall

Case Manager

“It’s a privilege to be part of the support system for families that are rebuilding and repurposing their lives after injury. The challenges that they’ve already met and accomplishments that they’ve made are truly inspiring. It’s an honor to be a part of their journey.”

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Steve Edwards

Community Support Specialist

“One of life’s most rewarding endeavors is to help others reach their potential. At NCC, I am privileged to be afforded this opportunity on a daily basis.“

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Mary Jo Fisher

Case Manager

“As a brain injury specialist I facilitate functional strategies in the home and community, which promote independence and improve the clients quality of life.”

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Anna Frese

Resource Coordinator

“I am energized to work alongside knowledgeable and passionate teammates; dedicated to supporting clients in maintaining and/or improving their quality of life and social capital, through individual goals.”

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Lisa Gonzalez

Case Manager

“At Neuro Community Care, we work with an individual toward his/her goals for as long as it takes. We explore all resources we find useful. The work is client-centered. The clients, family members, and my fellow team members inspire me every day.”

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Rose Griffin

Case Manager

“It is a privilege to work for NCC and promote the philosophy that a quality filled lifestyle is possible following a brain injury. The collaborating effort among the client, family, case manager, and other professionals is what makes each day exciting.”

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Kristen Harper

Case Manager

“As a team member at Neuro Community Care, I consider it a privilege to work with others in a client centered service that is focused on promoting independence and improving the quality of life after sustaining a life changing injury. It is inspiring to collaborate with the team to discover opportunities which can positively impact and improve the daily life of an individual.”

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Jan Hesselman

Case Manager

“Every new day holds the promise of an opportunity for us to make a positive difference in the day of someone else’s life. That opportunity is a blessing. Working with the wonderfully gifted team at Neuro Community Care offers me the opportunity to fulfill that blessing every day.“

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Laura Holmes

Case Manager

“Reintegration back into the community is often the most challenging time for a brain injury survivor and their family. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with the diverse team at NCC to help support these families at what may be their most vulnerable time.”

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Stephen Johnson

Case Manager

I believe that people need someone to understand their unique situation, and provide them with resources and services that fit them, not a formula. When people feel empowered, not ashamed, to ask for help when they need it, and to be able to make the accomplishments over their obstacles their own, it creates a confidence and attitude that breeds long-term success.

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Meredith Lange

Case Coordinator

“I am honored to work in an environment with such dedicated and caring professionals whose goal is the success of every client we serve.”

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Carrie Lieb

Case Manager

“At NCC we get an opportunity to form a true partnership with survivors and their families and make a positive contribution to one’s individualized journey to recovery.”

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Nikki Matchett

Case Manager

“It is important to recognize, celebrate and support our military men and women and their families as well as all of our NCC clients. I am grateful that I am able to do so through working with NCC.”

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Leah Owens

Case Manager

“I am encouraged daily by the strength and faith of those we serve; and every day I am honored to do my job.”

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Leila Wheeler

Quality Assurance/Lead Case Coordinator

“It is both a privilege and a blessing to be able to provide supports to such a deserving and unique population. The opportunity to have such a positive impact on the lives of those we serve is very rewarding.”

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Administrative Staff

Sarah Ekenbarger

Accounts Payable Specialist

“I love contributing to the team and supporting those with brain injuries. The feeling of working for something of greater good encourages me to work harder, and I thoroughly enjoy my place here at Neuro Community Care.”

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Shannon Rawlins

Contract Specialist

“I am truly honored to work alongside the great people here at Neuro Community Care. Hearing stories of how the work we do has improved the daily lives of our clients makes all the behind the scenes work very rewarding.”

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Michael Reinstein

IT Specialist

“I am truly thankful to be part of the team at Neuro Community Care – we strive daily to improve the quality of our clients’ lives.”

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Jessica Robertson

Accounts Receivable Specialist

“I enjoy being a part of such an amazing team and making a difference in people’s lives.”

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Matt McNally

Clinical Psychologist

“Brain injury is devastating, not only to the person who suffers the injury, but equally to his or her family. The grief that’s experienced by TBI survivors and their families is extremely unique in nature.”

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Key to Credentials
  • AA: Associate of Arts
  • AAS: Associate of Applied Science
  • BA: Bachelor of Arts
  • BS: Bachelor of Science
  • BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • BSW: Bachelor of Social Work
  • CAMS: Certified Anger Management Specialist
  • CBIS: Certified Brain Injury Specialist
  • CBIST: Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer
  • CCC-SLP: Certificate of Clinical Competence – Speech Language Pathologist
  • CCM: Certified Case Manager
  • CCT: Certified Casper Technician
  • CLCP: Certified Life Care Planner
  • COTA/L: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant/Licensed
  • CPLC: Certified Professional Life Coach
  • CRC: Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
  • CTRS: Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
  • HSP-PA: Health Services Provider – Psychological Associate
  • LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • LCSWA: Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate
  • LMBT: Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist
  • LPA: Licensed Psychological Associate
  • LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor
  • LRT/C: Licensed Recreational Therapist/Certified
  • LVR: Low Vision Rehabilitation
  • MA: Master of Arts
  • MA RC: Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • MDiv: Master of Divinity
  • MEd: Master of Education
  • MHA: Master of Health Administration
  • MHS: Master of Health Science
  • MS: Master of Science
  • MSW: Master of Social Work
  • OT/L: Occupational Therapist/Licensed
  • QP: Qualified Professional
  • RN: Registered Nurse
  • RYT: Registered Yoga Teacher
  • SLP: Speech Language Pathologist