Impact on Families

If you are reading this, your life has more than likely been changed—and perhaps in a profound way—because someone close to you has suffered a brain injury. The early days and weeks of emergency medical treatment, diagnosis, and rehabilitation can be overwhelming to you. As the physical recovery of your family member progresses over weeks and months, challenges with provision of care, scheduling, and the unique grief of what life was like before the brain injury all start to manifest themselves. If you’re in the midst of a similar experience, please know that you are not alone.

Some of the biggest challenges families often face are a sense of isolation and frustration and a lack of resources. Neuro Community Care (NCC) is uniquely qualified to help you navigate through these challenges by offering sound and caring guidance.

By providing specialized brain injury services, experienced NCC professionals seek to make a difference in the lives of persons with brain injury and their families in their own homes and communities. NCC works with clients and families to devise a personalized care plan designed to help regain a sense of control and purpose in their lives. We would be honored to join you on your path to healing and fulfillment.