About Us

Neuro Community Care LLC (NCC) offers specialized services to individuals with brain injury and their families that are designed to assist clients at home and in the community. Our dedicated staff of professionals focuses on stabilization, crisis prevention, and service coordination during periods of transition. This results in fewer readmissions to costly hospital and rehabilitation programs. The key to a client’s success is ongoing home-based and community-based support. The compassionate and experienced professionals at NCC guide individuals with brain injury and their loved ones in developing and implementing a customized plan that fosters independence and healthy community connections while focusing on their future.

Neuro Community Care Staff

NCC recognizes the complex lifelong needs of persons with brain injury and the challenges they face. These individuals often suffer from isolation, loss of purpose, strained relationships, and overall frustration. These difficulties are often further complicated by cognitive and physical challenges. NCC’s Case Management and Community Support Specialist services increase opportunities for success while addressing obstacles that may arise. It is NCC’s belief that with long-term support and a holistic focus, people with neurological impairments can be more successful in handling life’s challenges independently and restoring overall quality of life.

The transition after a brain injury to the unpredictable reality of home often proves challenging for these individuals, their families, and their caregivers. They are expected to generalize the strategies and techniques they may have been fortunate to have learned in rehabilitation to their own homes and communities, which may be overwhelming or unachievable without continued guidance. NCC acts as a bridge by helping our clients to learn and apply these skills to their real lives.

NCC has developed relationships with providers across the country to assist those in need of community-based brain injury services.