Dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury, in the Raleigh NC area?

Neuro Community Care LLC is an independent Case Management and Community Service provider which specializes in community based support services for persons with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), neurological disorders or other physical challenges.  NCC’s services are uniquely provided in the individual’s home or community and are functionally based.  This translates to real life skill development and stabilization; which decreases the likelihood of repeated admissions to costly hospital and rehabilitation programs.

NCC Case Managers act as a bridge and advocate on behalf of clients and their families; exploring resources, making referrals and developing personal care plans based on the clients own goals and interests.  Our Community Support Specialists implement the plans and provide individualized skills training in the clients own environment.  They also provide ongoing education & training to address evolving needs.

NCC is proud to support Wounded Warrior Project’s (WWP) Independence Program by providing assistance to Warriors throughout the country.  Our skilled team of professionals helps Warriors and their families dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury access community based resources and services designed to improve their quality of life and foster stabilization.